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The Gentle Doctor is a sculpture at Iowa State University Veterinary Medical SchoolMy love for all animals began at an early age. My dad was a country veterinarian, who, later in life, worked as a pathologist at Iowa State University Veterinary Medical School. He exemplified "The Gentle Doctor," a sculpture standing at Iowa State representing "the bond between people and animals, and overall concern, affection, love, and the significance of life for all of God’s creatures - great and small."

Our family portraits and events included the "fur" kids, and Dad kept these important memories alive with home movies. Once he nurtured 12 orphaned St. Bernard puppies from birth to adoption—we were involved in their growth from nightly bottle-feedings to the size of small ponies. Check our home movie!

This Lewis and Barks site, dedicated to Dad, is for dog lovers everywhere—to exchange ideas and experiences about their co-adventures and to share products for the safety and well-being of their best friends.

Karen Marvel

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